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Accessories for the dog aficionado
Arthur lee Jofa linen fabric

Two Standard Poodles on Suede Handbag / Tote


Standard Poodles on Linen designer fabric with black ultra suede ,silk lining, grosgrain ribbon, and silk-like cording. Handbag is Black and White.

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  • This bag has a black & white standard Poodle.
  • The two standard poodles are on linen fabric.
  • The fabric is Arthur Lee Jofa -“Unleashed”.
  • The top of the bag has a convenient-snap lock closure.
  • The bag is 12″w x 13″h x 3 1/2 deep.
  • The back,sides, and bottom of the bag are a black ultra suede.
  • The inside is a silk pink plaid.
  • The bag has three pockets with polka dot ribbon trim.
  • The handle and sides are a black cording with a 12″ drop.
  • The top of the bag is a pink and black and white polka dot ribbon.
  • The bag has a removable matching rosette pin.

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