Pride in breed

  • Posted: January 11, 2013 
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2012 Best in Show Westminster Winner: Malachy the Pekingese.  This four-year old pup was so dainty that he fit inside his silver trophy bowl.  While your dog might not be a Westminster champion, the love and pride you feel for your dog is no smaller than what owners David Fitzpatrick and Iris Love feel for Malachy.  Malachy proves that no matter the size of your pup, all dogs are champions at heart.  You can find the champion inside your dog in simple ways:

  1. Does your dog love to play fetch?  Take your pup and their favorite toy (ball, rope, bone) to the park and see how long your pup stays interested in you and their toy.
  2. Does your dog love to go on walks?  Take your canine out for an early evening jog and see if they can keep up with you!  Or if you can keep up with them.
  3. Some pups can do tricks for hours…is your pup one of them?  Try the following tricks and see how many times your pup can do them: sit, down, catch, play dead, and roll over.
  4. Maybe your dog is really good with children…even if the children are tail-pullers, huggers, or ear-pinchers.

Find that aspect about your dog that’s unique; even if it’s just a supernatural way of alerting you that someone’s at your door by leapfrogging over you and the back of the couch, landing on all fours on the hallway rug, and launching at the door while emitting a pristine bark.  When you accept the champion within your dog you find the true heart of your canine companion and all that your dog brings to the world, and especially to you.  Why not have a bag with your dog on it and use it prominently?

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