Popularity, trend around dogs

  • Posted: January 21, 2013 
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Isn’t it all the rage to carry your small dog around with you wherever you go? Or if you don’t have a small dog, do you constantly see those starlets running around with tiny dogs?  These adorably small dogs are carted around in purses, or in specially made bags, which are comfortable for these little canine companions… But what if you allowed your lovable puppy to run around, wild and free, and instead immortalized your dog on a handmade, custom-ordered handbag you can carry as you walk him?  Don’t you just want to take your Labrador with you everywhere?

Aside from my business, I find art in captivating the essence of your dog – what makes your dog’s personality its own – and then bringing that essence alive in art.  I have always been a lover of dogs, even though for years I had cats because of my hectic work schedule flying the skies.  I am now the proud owner of Tally, a darling King Charles Cocker Spaniel. While I cannot exactly state why you love your dog, I know the deep, burning sense of love and compassion I feel for my Tally, and that’s what I’ll bring to the table when I create a bag or jewelry item for you.

I want to make sure that you feel as satisfied with your finished bag as I feel when I create it for you.  I want you to feel the same kind of joy and enthusiasm for using your bag as you do when you’re getting ready to take your dog for a walk.  While walking with your bag is definitely not the same as walking with your dog, I know you will feel energized and excited all the same – especially if you’re visiting a place that does not allow dogs to enter their premises.  Long plane, train, or automobile rides will no longer seem so daunting when you have your best friend with you at all times.

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