Immortalizing your dog

  • Posted: January 21, 2013 
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You love your dog, they’re you best friend…immortalize him or her on a bag, or a piece of jewelry.

No one wants to lose their best friend.  Your pup is your one special friend who will always be there for you, ready with a face lick and a cuddle.  When just the thought of losing your special friend brings on the tears and sobs, think of the things you could do now that would preserve the feeling of your dog in your life.  From taking gobs of pictures with your pup, to creating lasting memories around the Christmas tree, every person has their own way of making memories that will last even after much time has passed.  Another way you could immortalize your best friend is to have a custom bag or piece of jewelry created with your dog’s image emblazoned on it.  That’s what I do best…I find the essence of your dog and create what I feel is your dog’s personality and embodiment on something you can carry with you or wear.

You get to choose every aspect that I use to put together and create your custom bag.  Do you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you imagine taking your dog everywhere with you?  “No Dogs Allowed” will never again stop you from showing everyone just how amazing and wonderful your dog is, or from always having your dog with you.

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