Dog Personalities and You

  • Posted: January 11, 2013 
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A prince or princess. A grand adventurer. A go-getter. A fussy girl’s girl. A tomboy. A woman’s best friend is just as diverse and unique as woman herself. Their differences are lovable, entertaining, and hopeful. It is these differences that make your relationship memorable. That wonderful wackiness that your dog embodies is what makes you two such a lovable team.

Kitchen Team: Are you a messy cook? Does your dog help you in the kitchen by “cleaning” up spilled grains, veggies, and sauces?

Park Team: Does your dog help you meet other dog lovers at the park? Does your dog enjoy playing with other doggies? It can be tricky meeting people when you’re constantly involved in the high-stakes game of fetch. And sometimes other dogs are just attention grabbers. After all, the best part of going to the park can be to spend time with your mom, and not always other cute puppies. (I’m not sure about this part here. Joby had written a comment that had, “or everyone you meet is an attention graber. Afterall it is your mom not that other cute puppies.” I had problems discerning exactly what she was trying to say in this part, and wrote in further for this aspect trying to tie in what I thought she was trying to say with what was already written.)

On those cold winter nights, when you’re watching a wonderful Christmas movie with a glass of wine, does your pup snuggle up with you? You both need to keep warm.
Do you need a little bit of help, besides the doorbell, to know that you have guests waiting at your front door? Or that a turkey is lurking outside, just in time for the holidays? (Another comment which I wasn’t sure about from Joby, “or a turkey is lurking at your front door.” I thought it had something to do with the holidays, so I tried to add in something about that, but overall was kind of thrown by this statement.)

Do you need inspiration to give yourself the permission to have a lazy Sunday? Or just to take a walk?
Whatever your dog’s personality, it is when you completely accept who you and they are, that “Pup fusion” happens, and wonderful memories are made. Sometimes the greatest gift you can give yourself is to have the freedom to be irresistibly you. Just watch your pup and follow their lead…. happiness follows!

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