My clients can choose the fabric/material, style, and any custom options they want.  Or you can simply choose the color scheme and Joby will create your one-of-a-kind bag.  Add as many embellishments as you want, with extra things such as: beading (crystals, rhinestones), trim, cording, ribbons, or buttons.

The insides are almost always made of silk.  The pockets usually have trim as well.  The number of pockets depends on the style of the bag.

We’re the only available maker of these custom, high-end handbags.  We have five styles: clutches, wristlets, doctor’s bags, large totes, and small totes.  We use the finest needlepoints, vintage to present.  We use Belgium tapestries.  We use designer fabric with dog motifs from manufacturers such as: Brunswig and Fils, Lee Jofa, and Ralph Lauren.  We use the finest silks, brocades, lampas, Jacquards, cut velvets, and leathers available.

Our bags are durable as well as beautiful.

When you call today you’ll have a conversation with Joby on exactly how you want your bag designed.