Hello Dog Aficionados!  Welcome to DoggiesBag!  We are a uniquely talented group of designers able to capture the essence of your dog on a bag or jewelry piece of your choice.  Our products are created for discerning individuals who love their dog and want to show off their canine choice while being stylish and sophisticated at the same time!

About the Creator:

Joby Raulston has long been a versatile individual, and has had many businesses to her credit.  As an avid lover of dogs – and the proud owner of Tally, a King Charles Spaniel – Joby has taken what she loves to do, and who she loves, and combined that with her artistic background and VOILA Doggiesbag.  She’s spent the past decade creating strikingly inspired bags and jewelry exclusively for her customers.  Her designs have been featured at such events as the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the Las Vegas Super Zoo – a few of the industry’s largest shows.  Her versatility and originality have made her works of art well known and highly sought-after items.

Joby received her Bachelor of Arts degree from USC.  She started her working life flying the skies for American Airlines.  While she enjoyed working in the air, it was through a friend that she discovered her love for creating beautiful things, from designing the interiors of gorgeous homes, to creating Luna Designs, a high-end jewelry line.  One day Joby used a bit of leftover fabric with dogs printed on it to create a handbag; her bags featuring dogs quickly became her most popular and sought-after item.  Soon thereafter DoggiesBag was born.

Joby Raulston, Tally and Pepe